S3 Partners Offers Market Leading Financial Data on Snowflake Platform

NEW YORK, Dec 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- S3 Partners, a leading fintech innovator and data analytics firm, announced today that it is now offering its market leading data and analytics solutions on the Snowflake Data Marketplace. This new offering is part of the firm's ongoing initiative to reach its clients everywhere they work and will provide access to S3's data for thousands of customers who deploy the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.

"S3 Partners continues to look for ways to better serve our clients and improve access to the highest quality data in the market," said Bob Sloan, Managing Partner of S3 Partners. "The Snowflake Data Marketplace further expands our reach and offers yet another way for our customers to utilize our technology and data platform.

"Snowflake Data Marketplace, built on top of Snowflake's Secure Data Sharing technology, delivers an easy-to-use platform for organizations to find, share, and list content," said Matt Glickman, VP of Customer Product Strategy at Snowflake. "Organizations can now leverage unique short interest data from S3 Partners alongside more than 100 other data providers on Snowflake Data Marketplace. The real-time nature of S3's short interest data sets them apart from traditional data providers."

Market participants across the buyside rely on S3's data and analytics to fuel every step of the investment process. Fundamental and Quantitative managers alike leverage S3's data, analytics, and workflow tools to construct better portfolios, manage risk, and improve trade execution strategies.

S3's Short Interest and Securities Finance data provides the necessary tools to view how real-time Short Interest, Financing Rates and crowded trades affect price action. The firm's data delivers the only real-time and most accurate Short Interest analytics and identifies crowded long and short trades while providing transparency to the true spread of the borrow / loan market with the only independent and unbiased bid, offer and last rates for securities finance.

  • Short Interest: Access the only real-time and most accurate Short Interest data. Avoid the delays in exchange-reported data and see day-over-day change in shorting activity for 50,000+ global securities.

  • Financing Rates: Get unbiased Financing Rates from all sides of the market. Whether you are short the shares or a long holder, see transparency on the direction of Financing Rates, including bid, offer and last.

  • Crowding: Spot significant short selling and covering events with the Crowding Indicator. This leading indicator provides a measure of shorting and covering events relative to market float and predicts movements in Short Interest in real-time.

  • Days to Cover: Compute days to cover easily. Accurately project days to cover using timely Short Interest and the 10, 30 or 90-day average daily trading volume for visibility into risk exposure.

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